On coping strategies

How does stress work? And what can we do to manage and deal positively with [this] stressful situation?

Semi-serious advice to get serious and understand something more, by dr. Daniele Banquet of Move Physiotherapy - Galactic guide for physiotherapists.
Have you ever heard of the COVID-19 virus? I think not. But if you try to open some social pages, maybe you will find a little something. After all, not everyone is experiencing a pandemic.

By now we are bombarded by TG, advertisements, newspapers, the Simpsons' forecasts. Everyone, even those who shouldn't, talk about the coronavirus. It is such a particular situation that it is not easy to manage. And the fact that it happened in the social age, makes the period much more complex. Everyone has their say, everyone interprets the data at will, everyone has different experiences. There are those who sing from the balcony and there are those who cry from home. It is just one example of the relativity of experience. Everyone experiences a stressful event in their own way. There are those who despair, who do not find solutions, who do not know what to do and there are those who do not worry about anything (simply because the situation is not clear to them). And it is precisely the stress due to this particular situation that I want to talk to you about.

If in this period you are feeling more pain than usual, you sleep badly, you are tired or you cannot concentrate, do not worry, it is completely normal, your body is doing nothing but reacting to what is happening around you. You will wonder why. The pathways of pain transmission are a bit complicated, but in a nutshell, the stress you are undergoing is altering the central processing and modulation (in your brain) of pain. Negative thoughts, fear, anxiety, do nothing but amplify the experience of pain. Your pain threshold has lowered because the psychological component has altered the balance of the system. What can we do to react to these stressful factors and return to an "acceptable" condition? All you have to do is implement coping strategies. No, not the one you applied to middle school with a classmate. Coping strategies are psychological mechanisms that are put in place by each of us to manage and deal with a stressful situation.

"I don't understand POPO, what did you say?" - Now let me explain.

In a nutshell, when we face a stressful situation, each of us reacts in its own way to be able to face or avoid it. There are those who run away from the problem, or those looking for a solution, or those looking for distractions. It all depends a lot on personality and character. This is not meant to be an excuse to play the Play Station and say "I am implementing my coping strategy".

Now we are all facing the problem of COVID-19 and I ask you a question: "Do you have the solution for this problem?" Do you think it is useful to open all the links where there is an article on how hot water defeats the virus? Or how the mask made with marzipan is better than the one made with puff pastry? Or how a friend's cougar discovered that the virus is actually a conspiracy between the American government and the Lilliputians? Therefore, I recommend the first coping strategy.

Find out, but from reliable sources. The Internet has given everyone the opportunity to express themselves, but this does not mean that everyone has the skills or competences to do it. You can be a good metalworker, or a good carpenter, but this does not make you an expert in virology. Therefore, avoid sites that search for clicks. All they do is fill your head with useless and harmful information. Follow the doctors, follow the ministerial channels, follow the health professionals (not all of them, even in this case there is a need to make a selection).

What other strategies can be implemented? Simple, take care of yourself. Listen to your body and try to understand its needs, if it wants to move, if it wants to rest or if it just wants to be distracted. The only things you can do are those you can act on. Needless to search Google for the new Noah's ark. At the moment it is not expected. I think. Focus your attention on what you can do, on what you can act. Exercise, read a book, play with the dog, cultivate that hobby you abandoned a few years ago, contact your friends, change that light bulb in the closet burnt out since '93. But above all, be positive.

That's right, all these things, done with passion, with desire, and with a psychological predisposition, will make us reduce the perception of pain. They asked us to stay home, we take the time to take care of ourselves. Meanwhile, medicine will run its course, but it needs time. We can only guarantee time if we stay at home. Dedicate this time to yourself that #everything will be fine".

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