Serendipity (my article on BJSM)

The term serendipity indicates the good fortune of making happy discoveries by chance and, also, finding something that is not sought and unforeseen while you was looking for something else. The term was coined by Horace Walpole in the 18th century and therefore it falls within the category of "author's words".

Serendipity also indicates a typical element of scientific research, when important discoveries occur by chance, while one was searching for something else. In every discovery, as in real life, there is some element of randomness: if the researcher knew exactly what he is looking for, he would not need to look for it, because it would be enough for him to have a confirmation of a reality which he knew already exists.

My life has been progressing this way lately.

I'm not getting things in life, I'm doing something. Well, I'm doing a lot. But I'm making happy discoveries by pure chance. I am following the flow and beautiful things happen.

One of the paper boats I built in the last few months and trusted to the current is an article, which was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM), with the harmless title: Should you first care your ignorance, healthcare professionals? (you can read it by clicking here).

This article was born as a game, as a bet that I would have lost. But no. It has been published.

This article isfor all the people with persistent pain , beated by the genetics and ignorance of those who condemn them to existences that, today, are meaningless calvaries.

This article is for all health professionals looking to make a difference in their daily work, to change our lives, in a world of unprepared who are reputed themselves to be great clinicians and who are not: their ignorance tells us they are not.

This article is not just like any article published in any magazine. It is in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM): the magazine with the highest impact factor in the world in sports medicine.

This article is peer reviewed. Peer review is a critical part of the functioning of the scientific community, quality control and the self-corrective nature of Science.

All that is written in this article, the incapacity to treat chronic pain, which made me live a tremendous existence for twenty-five years, the discovery of the latest scientific evidence to manage persistent pain, the importance of movement, the uselessness of opiates and anti-inflammatories, the fundamental role of self-efficacy, the pain that is nowhere to be seen, the anger towards a class of health professionals that does not update knowledge, despite the fact that science is evolving ... is peer-reviewed.

So somehow,my story, stops being just a story and just mine. It becomes a weapon to silence fools. Not just for me, but for all patients like me, with an experience like mine. And for all health professionals who deeply believe in the revolutionary change that Science is laboriously bringing to the treatment of persistent pain.


This article is really for those who brought me here, building legs, nerves, knowledge, heart. The lists are useless. Those who are in my heart, they know.


At the links below you can find two Italian translations of the article.


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