Le Stelline

My very complicated love story with chronic pain

It is not always easy to decide which side to start telling a story. It is not easy to decide whether to start from the beginning or from the end. It seems obvious to start from the beginning, but I know that you, doing a couple of math, considering the wrinkles on my face, you could also evaluate that, if you started exactly from the beginning, you could die of boredom. Because this story begins twenty-six years ago. And I really don't want to bore you.

When, without thinking too much, overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of my "amazing strenght and conditioning coach" (I put it amazing, the rest is all legal) I opened my blog on Facebook, I found myself facing the enterprise of having to give it a name. Naming, in the marketing lexicon, is the study of the choice of names of products, services, companies. Every copywriter has gone mad looking for a name. But, on this tour, I didn't have to find the name of something someone else's, but something intimately mine, so I closed my eyes, and the most vivid and ancestral memory of my encounter with chronic pain arrived: a full tunnel of stars. And from the stars, the little stars came. The name respected at least the rule of “CO.ME. OR. GO "[1] and, in any case, it resonated so much. Maybe it's a childish name, in fact I thought a thousand times about torpedoing it, in favor of something with more personality. And yet, this journey began with the stars, if we want to be prosaic: the ones I saw during the probable fainting following the galactic fall (it must be said) that paved the way for appearance of chronic pain in my existence as a young girl (at the time), and continued with the stars, to illuminate dark and lonely nights, specks of hope, dreams, lights at the bottom of a tunnel, lively popping of joy at every goal reached in the journey of pain management. The stars, concrete and metaphorical, have accompanied this journey and I myself have become a star: at the bottom of the messages, in the thoughts of those who follow me, in the heads of friends. So Le Stelline, I'd say they look great.

The pay off, which is as long as hunger, reads: “My very complicated love story with chronic pain”. It responded to the need to explain what this blessed blog was about: "Le Stelline". Jewelry? Lighting? No. Chronic pain. But not in a tragic way. So I put in the love story, which is ironic, because irony is fundamental for me. A very complicated love story, first of all because it is true, and because if I had left only love story I would have been a crazy pervert (technically, masochist). Simply, I'm Chiara. Survived in various ways to chronic pain. I won't advance you too much, because it would be a mega spoiler.

As my photographer Sara says: "When the pain makes you see the stars, in the end you aim for the stars". I have a mission. Help people fight persistent pain. In my war my weapons are the care of my body and my soul. I found a method, based on science and not on unicorns, that worked. I found a way out of the persistent pain because I had the good fortune to meet someone who has simply studied what are called "last scientific evidences", that is the latest discoveries of scientists in the field of pain, and has applied them in practice clinic. And I want to tell it. A bit for me, a lot for those who are still trapped in their ordeal and think there is no way out.

This blog is for everyone. So it is not just for those involved in the trade, but for health professionals there are already so many sites, blogs and various digital places where to find information and discuss it.

I am a patient and I do not pretend to teach anyone who knows more than me. I have tried to translate complicated information in the most accessible way, so that especially people with persistent pain can understand more about what happens to their body.

This is my journey, between lace, lace and things that are very, very serious.

[1] Complex, curable, original, pleasant, catchy.