What I can do for you

Fervent supporter of EBM, EBP and the scientific method, I manage the narrative medicine blog you are visiting and its social version on Facebook and Instagram (and I published in the BJSM British Journal of Sports Medicine, sorry I am a little self-referential), are empatic, attentive, creative, cheerful thinker, good performer and with Swiss precision.

What can I do for you? Well, a lot of things with words.

I could tell you that I am a copywriter, but I prefer to tell you that I am a seamstress. Because words are not good for everyone of the same size or of the same model. I listen to you, ask you, understand you, cut and sew the best words for you and your product.

I offer you all the services of a copywriter with bows (and don't worry, I work with many partners who can help us build for you all the products necessary to develop your business and your communication).

I write, I write about science, psychophysical and social well-being, change, medical humanities, which aim to bring the practice of health back to its original purpose, that is to be medicine for man.

If you want to know more about what I do, what I can do for you and how I like to work, I recommend you visit the site www.sartoriadelleparole.it.



If Evidence Based Practice is what guides you in your work and you need to be helped to write, communicate, choose the social channels with which to do it and manage them, create "Call to Action" (or CTA), which allow you to promote your site, your news or help you generate leads, digital sales funnels, i.e. the paths of the potential customer, from when they enter the sales funnel until they become a customer, understand how to interact in a useful way with yours users and want build quality editorial products, I can help you communicate your value and that of your business, with attention to relational, narrative and communicative skills, which are increasingly required by professionals in your sector.

I can support you by offering you my privileged point of view, my skills in the study of scientific texts and dominance of the relevant vocabulary, my experience in the field of narrative medicine, awareness of the dynamics of co-construction of the speech, using my writing skills, to understand the needs of your audience and their experience, in addition to my technical skills, of course ...



If you want to create experiential and pain education groups for patients, based on a scientific and multidimensional approach, I can help you in coordinating and constructing the contents of interventions on different topics and in management.

  • What is persistent pain and how it works.
  • Persistent pain and movement.
  • Persistent pain and nutrition.
  • Persistent pain and emotions.
  • Guided experiential groups.


After a long journey I am ready to share my story. So, if within your event, training or work group, you think it is useful to share my story, tell my experience, just contact me and tell me what you have in mind. I will be happy to help you.


If you are a physiotherapist or a sport science professional and you believe that the people with persistent pain you care about can find useful a training session with me (in which you will be present), I am at your disposal.

If you want to know more, you can contact me here: chiara@chiaragusmini.it, or:


Facebook and Instagram: @lasartoriadelleparole



If, after reading my story, you want more information, contact me via the direct social media channels!

Instagram: le_stelline_zeropain

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lestellinezeropain/