About me

I'm Chiara and I work, I work with words. For a good part of my life, I was a copywriter and I was involved in social design. Then, in my existence, devoured by chronic pain, came the encounter with the biopsychosocial, or multidimensional, or "applied science" approach (this definition is the one I like best), which raised me from the state of "Crazy hysterical" and brought me back to that of a "human female creature", which changed things, unexpectedly, like a gust of wind. It has not only changed my way of living and managing persistent pain, giving me the real possibility of being well, but it has given me a different look at what "I want to do when I grow up". I began to deepen scientific texts to understand why, all the solutions that had been proposed to me for twenty-five years, in reality had not helped anything, if not to make me feel worse. I started to be interested in language from a constructivist point of view, I became an actress of my healing process and I started, above all, to write "Le Stelline", a narrative medicine blog (born on Facebook, long before this site) in which the 'goal is to tell about persistent pain from my point of view: that of a curious patient, who by pure chance had the good fortune to come across those who introduced her to the latest scientific evidence regarding persistent pain and wants to tell them to who shares his ordeal, so that he feels less alone and confused, in front of this pain that "cannot be seen" and of which no one seems to know anything, but in reality science knows a lot. And from this "doing", small miracles are being born. Changes. Chatter. Published articles. Interviews. My skills have not disappeared: they have a different goal. It's always me. Curious about nature. Photographer, cook, traveler. With the difference that I managed to manage persistent pain and I decided to share it, to help those who find themselves living directly or indirectly in the unreasonable world of chronic pain. Because it can be done, because science tells us that persistent pain is not a life sentence. And it is right that this awareness becomes everyone's heritage.

Spoiler: we know much more about chronic pain than you think. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.